🐾 Black Panther

Alright team, caught the latest installment in the Marvel universe this past weekend, Black Panther! Thoughts below.

Ajay: I was worried that this movie would suck. I had listened to a podcast (typical Ajay) with Ta-Nahesi Coates where they talked about how he wrote for Black Panther. I love his world view and writing, so that piqued my interest.

I was surprised how much depth this movie had. There was a lot under the surface around how the world views African nations, people of African origin, and the hopes and possibilities of an African superhero for African-Americans. It has the hallmarks of a great Marvel movie, but the backdrop really elevates it. Soundtrack was weird though. Enjoy!

Mona: #wakandaforever!!! 🐾🔬🙅🏾‍♀️

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