💎 Jumanji

My wife and I go to see a lot of movies. I decided to try and encapsulate our thoughts on these movies here on Medium. You might notice that my wife, Mona, doesn’t like to write very much.

I know, I know. We saw this movie a teensy bit late. But whatever, we had a lot going on when it came out! The trailer for Jumanji looked hilarious, so we decided to hit the Alamo Drafthouse in Mueller (highly recommended) and give this one a go.

Ajay:If you’re looking for a good time, Jumanji does not disappoint. Great cast, hilarity-primed premise, and fun thrills. The way they executed on the modern version of the story, although a bit gimmicky, really lands. And The Rock really does a great job of pretending that he’s not a total badass with a wuss living inside of him. Highly recommend seeing this one, it’s better than expected.


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