⛸ I, Tonya

What up squad! Mona and I rented I, Tonya on our Apple TV and checked it out (on a week night! 😱). Here’s what we thought.

Ajay: I totally forgot about half of the stuff that went down with Tonya Harding’s situation back then. They voted to have a Winter Olympics two years after 1992?! Had no idea. Nancy Kerrigan still competed and got the silver?! No way!

I’m sure most of you know the story, so I’ll cut the crap. At the end of this thing, you actually end up feeling really bad for Tonya. It’s a story that exemplifies the trap of poverty and domestic violence, culminating in the denoument of someone’s real life. Tough stuff. And half of what happens is really crazy!

Mona:Unfortunate. ⛸️🏅✉️

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